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 Information on Donating

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PostSubject: Information on Donating   Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:06 pm

Donate to: === Send as gift.

Hey guys, thought i'd put up some donor rewards, and what the money will be used for.

As of right now, I am hosting this server on my internet. Which could go off and on, making the server very sluggish at times, and also, very hard to keep up 24/7.

These donations will be used for upgrading the server, as in a real webhost, a real forum, and a real VPS.

The first thing on the list, is a dedicated VPS. This will allow us to have more people online, without lag, and be absolute 24/7. This is a major upgrade, and is very

Here are the donor benefits/rewards and prices.

Donation Methods:

If you would like to donate contact any of the staff and they will contact me.

The current Donation Prices Are:
Extreme Donator = 100M EOC/20$ Paypal/9M 07GP
Normal donator = 50M EOC/10$ Paypal/3.5M 07GP

Minigame Prices
Fire Cape = 20M EOC/5$ Paypal/2M 07GP
TokHaar-Kal(Need F-Cape) = 30M EOC/7$ Paypal/2.4M 07GP
Fire Cape + TokHaar-Kal = 45M EOC/12$ Paypal/3.5M 07GP
Dung Tokens(50000) = 5M EOC/1$ Paypal/250k 07 GP

Rares(Limited Time):
Santa Hat = 50M EOC/10$ Paypal/3.5M 07GP
Masks(Each) = 30M EOC/6$ Paypal/1.7M 07GP
Dragon Claws = 50M EOC/10$ Paypal/3.5M 07GP

Golden Katana = 50M EOC/10$ Paypal/3.5M 07GP
Golden Scythe = 50M EOC/10$ Paypal/3.5M 07GP
Flaming Skull = 50M EOC/10$ Paypal/3.5M 07GP

Skilling Sets:
Frost Dragon Bones(500) = 25M EOC/5$ Paypal/2M 07GP
Overloads(250) = 25M EOC/5$ Paypal/2M 07GP

Auto Donation system coming soon, use this link; Donate
To donate any custom amount, contact me in-game
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Information on Donating
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